1-More WaterMarker

1-More WaterMarker 1.25

Add watermarks to your photos


  • Allows you to protect your images easily
  • Easy to use and configure watermarks


  • Only supports certain image formats


Are you worried that your precious images are being copied from the internet. With 1-More Watermarker, you can insert text or an emblem to any part of your images. You can choose the intensity, font, color etc. as you wish, to mark your pictures with your identifying signature.

The batch process feature allows to effectively apply watermarks to large number of images. It can also be set to semi-automatic, allowing modifications on individual images. As regards control over watermarks, there can be few more obliging programs. You can set the exact positioning of watermarks (text or graphics) by setting the distance to the border from a chosen position. There's also a new method that's been added called "hidden text" which imprints notes into the graphic file although this is not available for JPEG due to compression.

If you're worried about the copyright of your images, then this is an excellent way to protect them.

Image theft is a growing problem. Your images and photos can be retrieved and used by anyone once they are on the internet. After a while your own images start to be used by others on websites, eBay auctions or in newsgroups.

Blending a watermark into your pictures is an important step to prevent image theft. 1-more Watermaker applies a discreet mark without harming the overall image impression.

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